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Upper Piedmont 

Ghemme and Orta Lake

  • GHEMME - We will bring you to a renowned winery of Ghemme, which will welcome you in their cellars, in an environment rich in history. The cellars are located in the Castle-Ricetto di Ghemme, built between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries on the initiative of the inhabitants themselves, to cope with the raids and looting of the French and Spanish and as a refuge for the population, foodstuffs and animals.
  • LAKE ORTA - Located 34 km away, Lake Orta is one of the most fascinating and romantic places in Europe, a medieval village where time seems to stand still. Opposite the main square of the village of Orta, the island of San Giulio, with pedestrian access only, offers a path between the houses, the Basilica of San Giulio and the Cloistered Monastery. Defined as a path of "Silence and Meditation", this fascinating place already conveys the atmosphere with which the traveler will face a very pleasant walk.

Ancient portal of the "Ricetto"

The castle-shelter of Ghemme was built between the eleventh and fifteenth century on the initiative of the inhabitants themselves, to cope with the raids and looting of the French and Spanish and as a refuge for the population, for animals and foodstuffs. In 1467, the Duke of Milan Galeazzo Maria Sforza was hosted, to conclude the rivalries opened for some years with the Duchy of Savoy by signing the peace of Ghemme.


Wine tasting

The visit will be enlivened by the tasting of the wines of the house and accompanied by local gastronomic products.


S.Giulio island

According to an ancient legend, in the fourth century AD San ​​Giulio, began to erect Christian churches to fight paganism. He arrived on the lake and was fascinated to contemplate the island, which - they say - was infested with dragons and snakes. Not finding a boat, he spread his own coat over the water and walked over it to the island. Driven by dragons and snakes with the sole force of the word, he began to build his hundredth church, in which he was later buried.


The Broletto

Located on the northern side of the central Piazza Motta, the Community Palace of Orta, also known as Broletto, was built in 1582. It is considered one of the symbols of the feudal state of the San Giulio Riviera, established in the 12th century: exercised legislative and executive power.


Meeting point: Ghemme (NO), with its own.

Excursion mode: on foot, inside the Ricetto di Ghemme and the cellars .
Duration: 1h and 30 '
Percentage: 500m. in flat territory, easily accessible to all.
Tasting: DOC wines of the internal production with local gastronomic specialties.
Lunch: quality at a partner restaurant
Service: Tour guide in language
Transfer: Ghemme - Lago d'Orta, 30 km. about, in 35 ', with own means.
Mode of excursion: on foot, inside the historic center of Orta and excursion to the island of San Giulio by boat (5 ').
Duration: 2h and 15 ''
Percentage: 1 km.
Tasting: Cafeteria in the historic center .
Service: Tour guide in language

End of itinerary: Orta, historical center.

Accompanying service:
A complete service of transport by Minivan is available on request, with meeting and release place to be arranged (Milan city center, Railway Station, Milan Malpensa Airports, Milan Linate Airport, Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport)

The details of the routes can be modified, depending on the date requested, the season, the closing round of the different suppliers. Registered users will be promptly informed.


reserved for the SINGLE PARTICIPANT
including all the services provided for in the excursion:
(Catering, Tasting in the cellar,
Museums, internal transport, etc.)
All inclusive of VAT

min. 4 people

€  160 /each

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