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Oltrepo' Pavese

Golferenzo, Zavattarello, Varzi, S.Alberto

  • Geography - The Oltrepò Pavese is a wedge of Lombard territory that creeps between Piedmont and Emilia, confining with the provinces of Alessandria and Piacenza. Divided by the rest of the province of Pavia from the Po, it extends for about 1100 square kilometers of which one third are from the plain and the remaining two thirds are divided between hill and mountain with a pleasant variety of landscapes richness. Seventy-eight are its Municipalities, each of which carries with it an historical artistic and cultural heritage especially with the evocative medieval villages, towers and castles. Among the vineyards of these hills are produced wines with famous names and undisputed value.
  • History - In the first millennium BC the colonization of the Oltrepò hilly began from the Gulf of Tigullio by Gallic and Ligurian populations. They pushed through the valleys of the Ligurian Apennines to the Po Valley, where they settled between Casteggio and Retorbido. From 238 B.C. the Romans gradually conquered the area and founded numerous inhabited centers. With the fall of the Roman Empire of the West, the Oltrepò underwent new invasions among which we remember in particular the destruction of Iria (the current Voghera) led by the army of Attila. Starting from the tenth century d. C. the territory was divided administratively into fiefs by four noble families: Malaspina, Dal Verme, Beccarla and Visconti. The Oltrepò then followed the historical and political events of the Duchy of Milan, from which it was detached in 1743 following the treaty of Worms, with which Maria Teresa of Austria ceded the whole territory to the King of Sardinia. In 1860, with the Unity of Italy, the Oltrepò returned to be definitively Pavia


The predominant feature of the economy of this small municipality is agriculture, more specifically viticulture. From its vineyards they hide fine wines: in fact, we find ourselves in an area strongly suited to the cultivation of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Muscat.



Zavattarello is a small medieval village of the Oltrepò Pavese in Alta Val Tidone dominated by the Dal Verme Castle, surrounded by unspoiled nature, where peace and serenity reign. Here, time seems a different category from the rest of the world: tradition and modernity blend, coexist and blend in a harmonious balance.



Located at the center of the Staffora Valley, its origins are probably Ligurian. Known since 993, when it was the possession of the Abbey of San Colombano di Bobbio, near Varzi stood the ancient parish church of San Germano. Like the rest of the valley, it fell under the power of the Malaspina, who had regular investiture in 1164. The country began to develop thanks to the traffics of merchants who, along the salt road, from the plains went up the valley to reach the Ligurian coast through the steps of the Pénice, Brallo and Giovà.


Hermitage S.Alberto di Butrio

The construction of the hermitage was initiated by the same St. Albert, perhaps of the Malaspina family, who in 1030 went to live in solitude in the nearby valley of Borrione, where there is still a small chapel dedicated to him. Having miraculously healed a mute son of the Marquis of Casasco (Malaspina), these as a sign of gratitude built him a Romanesque church dedicated to the Madonna in which St. Albert and his hermit followers could celebrate the Divine Office. Constituted in community, the hermits built the monastery of which there is currently a wing: the so-called cloister and the well.

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(Golferenzo, Zavattarello, Varzi, Eremo S.Alberto di Butrio, Casteggio, Golferenzo)

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